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Consular Services


YA's complies with a high quality of services to all its clients making the delivery of passports and other consular procedures as soon as possible and possible security.

Migratory processes

  • Passports: New, Renewal and Extension
  • Indefinite Leave Permit
  • Final Return Request
  • Travel Visa

Application for Documents to Cuba

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certification
  • Certified Divorce Decree
  • Death Certification

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YA's does all the work so that you do not have to. 

We have already helped many of our clients with all their immigration documents, such as:

  • Application for work permit
  • Residency Application: New and Renewal
  • Application for American Citizenship
  • Travel access
  • Invitations
  • Claims for family reunification

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Package Delivary


YA's Travels is s safe way to send your packages at competitive prices. We are authorize agents that send packages to Cuba and many countries in Central and South America, including:

  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • And many other countries

Packages leave our office weekly

With door to door delivery to most cities


We send packages to all of Cuba, it does not matter if you want to send your package to Havana or Holguin. When your package arrives in Cuba, our representatives on the island will keep your family informed throughout the process, clarifying or answering any questions, ensuring excellent service.

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Plane Tickets


YA's helps you find tickets to Cuba and other countries at the best prices, so that you only worry about relaxing and having fun on your vacation.

With access to a large selection of cars we also help you with your car rental.

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Taxes and Notaries


  • Tax on small and medium enterprises
  • General Accounting
  • Formation of LLC Corporation
  • Notarizations

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And More,,,


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